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Sanitation Supervisor

DEPARTMENT: Sanitation:Provide hands-on supervision over the entire sanitation process, under the direction of the Sanitation Manager. Direct, plan, control and monitor the overall sanitary conditions of the plant. To train the sanitation workforce in safe work practices and to develop and maintain a safe work environment. To train and develop Sanitation staff to properly maintain our facility to comply with food safety standards and to deliver the plant to operations with in food safety parameters on time to produce product to fill our customer orders.
DUTIES: The duties of this position are those described below. This job description does not state or imply that the duties listed are the only duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Employees holding this position will be required to perform any other job-related duties as requested by management.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES: These duties directly and substantially serve to achieve the purpose of the position.
 Organizes and distributes tasks of sanitation process. Makes recommendations as to what is needed, such as parts, chemicals, etc.
 Lead by example and monitor the performance of all employees working under his/her direction.
 Uses Food Safety Work Practices ensuring no product are contaminated as consequences of conducting duties of this position.
 Report any condition or act that may place product at risk of being contaminated with foreign material.
 Verify GMP’s and Safety standards are maintained at all times, and taken action and/or follow-up when deficiencies are noted.
 Responsible for scheduling and/or monitoring of daily housekeeping, master cleaning schedule, weekend work schedule and other nonfood contact areas in the plant.
 Controls and supervise all employee related issues, absenteeism, vacation, LOA, accident reporting, investigation and employee discipline.
 Coordinates and supervises the training of all new personnel in the department according to the plan.
 Conduct training sessions for the department employees as needed and conducts Monthly Safety Training.
 Implements and delegates new clean-up procedures when required.
 Develop, implement and follow-up plans to accomplish departmental goals and to provide a service to the operations of the plant.
 Direct supervision of Sanitation Leads and their shifts employees.
 Provide support and the necessary safety and food safety training to keep sanitation department in compliance with BRC, SQF and AIB standards.
 Maintains continuous communication with all departments and be able to promptly respond to their concerns and requests.
 Enforce company policies (safety, attendance, food safety GMP’S, ect.) procedures and regulations as indicated in the departmental Quality System
 Maintains up to date records for current paperwork regarding schedules, inspections, inventories and other reports.
 Maintains up to date records for all plant programs: HACCP, Food Safety, Safety, Quality, Recall, etc.
 Perform safety and sanitation audits when needed.
 Maintain the self-esteem of employees under his/her direction and enforce company rules applying them in a fair and equitable manner.
 Maintain work area clean, and in safe condition at all times.
 Recognize and report any situation that could affect the safety of an employee.
 Works under the direction of the department Manager.
 Oversees the removal, replacement, and dismantling of plant equipment and machinery.
 Organizes and distributes tasks, such as docks, plant roof, sanitation rooms, ingredients room, parking lots and trash hoppers.
 Monitor supplies and parts as needed.
 Administrates all safety rules and procedures within in the department; Follows all (LOTTO) Safety procedures, Company Safety Policy and OSHA regulations.
 Conducts Monthly Safety Training
 Responsible for Injury and Illness reporting within 24 hours and analysis/investigations within 48 hours.
 Attend safety and quality training sessions.
 Drives a forklift, when needed.
 Making sure that all the sanitation technicians are following the procedures in compliance with the HACCP program.
 Responsible to manage Kronos.
 Responsible to comply with the environmental program, including Swabs and ATP’s.

Location: Dallas, TX
Salary: DOE

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