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Materials & Logistics Manager

Supervise large groups of employees involved in Materials and logistics in the plant, ability to make decisions within the limits of practices and general standards, Ensure that the goals of materials, quality and delivery to customers are made in a timely manner.

• This person will oversee the entire Materials and Logistics function which includes planning, scheduling, customer service, shipping/receiving, warehouse control and import/export to ensure everything is provided according to our customer’s needs.
• This position will work directly with Manufacturing Managers (OPERATIONS MANAGER AND PLANT MANAGER) to schedule the production lines the best possible way to achieve monthly sales and inventory targets to avoid increasing past due that might cause premium freight while working towards achieving our KPI metrics.
• Review shipments with quality and assign priorities based on customer requirements to achieve “on time shipments” and deliveries
• Provide sales forecasts based on current demands from customers and mix of products to be shipped during the month and control the RAW inventory to bring only what is needed without causing any line stoppages.
• Analyze production needs based on immediate and short/medium term sales orders, taking into account production resources (people, materials, equipment, etc.)
• Also Include Overseeing Mcallen Warehouse Operation to ensure Logistics Process are Accurate of Product Delivery To Customer

• Understand and know the quality policy.
• Ensure that equipment is validated.
• Verify that the records are filled (MDS)

• Know all the logistics and distribution processes in this area
• Know all the implicit risk that take the chemicals use in each of the areas.
• Use the proper PPE .
• Know and identify the proper chemical labels on each of the areas.
• Follow the 6s philosophy.

Location: Tamaulipas, MX
Salary: DOE

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