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Transformer Design Engineer

Design linear, electronic switching supply, line filter, toroid, and audio transformers.
• Consult with customers on their application specific designs.
• Test and experiment to verify design conformity to regulatory standards (UL, CSA, IEC, FCC).
• Evaluate manufacturing processes and process capability.
• Verify accuracy of BOMs and assembly drawings.
• Schedule and facilitate design reviews.
• Compiles and evaluates design and test data, prepares technical specifications, analyzes technical data to determine appropriate limits and variables for product specification.
• Assemble, test and debug prototypes as necessary.
• Review and approve drawings and specifications prepared by technical support personnel. May assign work and direct the activities of engineering support staff as required.
• Interfaces and teams with other Engineers, Suppliers, Customers, and other internal functional areas such as operations, marketing, and purchasing.

Other Duties:
Implement planned guidelines and policies established in the Engineering Department.
Provide outside resources with engineering information for creating drawings.
Initiate or review and make decisions on engineering change notices.

Working Relationships: Reports to the Director of Engineering.
Adhere to the guidelines and policies established. Assist engineers and technicians in job related areas. Assist other departments such as purchasing, sales, production, industrial engineer, quality control, and marketing when required. Assist customers as needed.

Location: Tamaulipas, MX
Salary: US/Mexican Payroll

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