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Materials Manager 1

POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for managing and controlling all material functions in line with corporate policies and procedures while developing departmental strategies, goals and objectives. Manage material, logistics, and warehousing teams and monitor activities at all companies locations. Ensure the timely delivery of both direct and indirect material to enable completion of customer requirements. Reports directly to the Vice President, Supply Chain Management.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s Degree plus four (4) to six (6) years directly related experience in purchasing, materials and logistics within the automotive or a related industry. Must have supervisory, administrative, management skills and abilities. Possess a high degree of maturity and integrity while conducting all materials activities in a team oriented environment.

1. Supervises and controls all material, logistics and warehousing functions in line with corporate policies and procedures while developing departmental strategies, goals and objectives.
2. Ensures timely receipt of customer releases.
3. Ensures completion of schedules and production plans for product based customer releases utilizing the management material control systems available.
4. Ensures supplier releases are in line with production schedules and inventory and will not result in shortages, manufacturing delays, or any other unforeseen contingencies.
5. Identifies overdue materials and takes necessary action to prevent possible delays.
6. Analyzes both raw material and finished goods inventory and maintains within management objectives.
7. Directs the activities of the materials group and delegates tasks to ensure continuity of output.
8. Maintains discipline and conforms to set rules and regulations governing employment.
9. Appraises employee performance and recommends changes of status and salary adjustments.
10. Prepares, analyzes, and distributes reports reflecting D.I.O.H, purchase commitments, obsolescence, shortages, etc.
11. Advises management of potential problems and resolutions.
12. Responsible for the integrity, maintenance and control of the vendor release system.
13. Responsible for the control of premium costs and recovery of scrap and rework costs from the vendor as applicable.
14. Monitors supplier and vendor performance against set standards for delivery, quality and cost.
15. Coordinates engineering changes to minimize obsolescence.
16. Maintains accurate inventory utilizing cycle counts.
17. Interfaces with all other departments and locations as required.
18. Maintains surveillance over orders in process to keep informed of manufacturing status, and when needed, initiates the necessary steps to maintain conformity with schedules.
19. Maintains budget responsibility with regard to materials, warehouse, inventory and transportation of goods.
20. Ensures employee complaints are timely considered and fairly resolved in accordance with contract and plant rules and regulations.
21. Plans and coordinates training and development as required by employee orientations, problem solving, Six Sigma, cycle time reduction and team building to affect a self directed empowered workforce.
22. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

Location: Tamaulipas,MX
Salary: USA/Mexican Payroll

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